Our Advice for Making Interior Design Decisions


Our Advice for Making Interior Design Decisions Designer Featured ImageIn building a new home, the number of choices you have can feel overwhelming. After serving thousands of clients, we’ve seen how some people make quick and easy decisions while others take so long that it slows the building process. You want your home to work for you, and our tips can help you put things into perspective so you can make the right choices for your family.

Set Some Priorities

If purchasing a home with someone, talk with your partner about the types of things that are really important to you. Some couples have a specific look in mind and don’t care how much it costs to achieve this look. Other families are especially concerned with durability, knowing that pets and kids can be hard on a home. Others care primarily about building a home that fits the budget. Setting priorities that work for you often make it easy to eliminate certain choices when it comes time to making design decisions.

Start with the End in Mind

Think about the ways you want to use each room. As you imagine your life in this room, you might naturally start to see how certain design choices can play into the feel that you want. For instance, if you dream of cozying up to the fire with a good book, you probably aren’t going to need a large overhead light in this room. On the other hand, a beautiful chandelier or potlights could be the perfect way to set the mood for your holiday dinners. 

Our Advice for Making Interior Design Decisions Laptop ImageDo Your Research

Each product you choose has different advantages and disadvantages. When choosing cabinets and countertops, for example, you will want to look at whether the material might scratch and how easy it is to keep clean. Hardwood floors have a classic look, but they’re not always the best choice of flooring choice for those who have pets. Before you have to make your decisions, research the different types of products you can have in your home. Once you decide on a product type, you then only need to focus on the look of the product.

Learn More About the Color Wheel

Some people are naturally able to pick colours that coordinate. Others need a bit more help. Having a basic understanding of the colour wheel can help you make some design decisions in your home. Knowing that you want to keep your large red sofa, for instance, can help you select a paint colour for the living room walls. Check out HGTV's primer on how to use the colour wheel

Our Advice for Making Interior Design Decisions Plan ImageCreate a Dream Book

When you have a strong sense of your personal style, it becomes easier to make design choices. You might save ideas on sites like Pinterest or Instagram, or go through interior decorating magazines, cutting out the pictures you like and putting them into your own notebook. Make notes about the things you do and don’t like about each picture. 

Don’t be afraid to go deep with this idea. Rather than just looking at “great rooms ” or “kitchens,” do a search for things like “front doors” and “bathroom faucets.” This allows you to focus on the small details that will make a big difference in creating the home of your dreams.

Tour Many Showhomes 

Broadview has showhomes open all year in each of the communities we build in, and many people tour the ones in the neighbourhoods they like the most. However, as you tour more and more homes, you'll gain a better sense of what different types of features look like in person. Take time to tour a variety of homes, and remember that even if a home isn’t your type at all, you might still see elements you want to incorporate into your own home. 

Remember to Include Storage Options

Surprisingly, if you want a home that looks put-together almost all of the time, it’s better to focus on your storage options more than your wall colours and light fixtures. Clutter can make any home look sloppy, so look for ways to incorporate storage into the design of the home. For instance, consider shelving in your closets, a bench with storage, or lockers in the foyer, and taller cabinets in your kitchen. These are the types of things that are difficult to incorporate when the house is finished.

With a brand-new home, you’re in a unique position to make all of the design decisions. This process should be something you look forward to. By paying attention to the types of things you really want in a home, you can design the home that’s best for you.

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