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Bonavista Logo Broadview Homes

Get the best of both worlds. The comfort of the suburb and a close commute to downtown Winnipeg.


Located in North Winnipeg, this new neighborhood with be sure to keep up with your active family.

Devonshire Park Logo Broadview Homes

A quiet neighborhood to center your mind. Devonshire Park offers a large yoga community.

Bridgwater Trails Broadview Homes Logo

Perfect for family and friends. Bridgwater offers walking trails, communal spaces and playgrounds for your active family.

Sage Creek Broadview Homes Logo

A growing community rich with energy and wildlife. Sage Creek offers a shopping center, K-8 school and many walking trails.

Grande Pointe Meadows

BRAND NEW community located 5 minutes south of Winnipeg. Large lots and NO Impact Fee!

RidgeWoodWest Community Logo

Introducing the newest development in Charleswood! Enjoy city convenience with an upscale rural feel.

Amber Gates Community Logo

Popular Single Family Community located close to services, amenities, and schools. Your bright family future starts here.

Prairie Pointe Logo Broadview Homes

Located in Southwest Winnipeg, Prairie Pointe is perfect for multi and single family homes, boasting its prairie wetland appeal

Stone Ridge Meadows Logo

Conservation and preservation are a priority in this community. Perfect for the active, nature loving family.

Canterbury Crossing Community Logo

Transcona's newest community, perfect for the active family with an abundance of green spaces and walking trails.