Why Are New Builds Considered Healthy Homes?


why-new-builds-considered-healthy-homes-woman-featured-imageIf you’ve been thinking about purchasing a brand-new home, you’ve probably heard the term “healthy homes” more than a few times. Builders often tout the idea that their new homes are healthier than older resale homes. It might sound like a catchy marketing phrase, but there’s actually truth in the idea. 

Learn more about what makes brand-new homes healthier for your body and mind. 

Healthier Materials

The primary difference between today’s homes and the ones that were built further in the past is the use of healthier materials. In older homes, you might worry about lead paint on the walls or patches of mould that were covered up. These concerns simply aren’t there when you buy new.

Why Are New Builds Considered Healthy Homes Front ImageThe materials in a new home don’t contain that “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs) that negatively impact air quality. VOCs are the reasons why a new carpet might have a distinct odour to it. Throughout the HVAC system, you’ll also have better air filters to keep the air clean.

All of these little things combine to make a home that doesn’t inadvertently harm your body.

Tighter “Envelope”

The building’s envelope is the barrier between the interior and exterior of the home. It prevents moisture from seeping in and allowing mould to grow. It keeps bugs and other types of pests out of your home. It also helps to keep the cold air outside in the winter and the warm air outside in the summer. Your home’s envelope is one of the most important parts. Modern methods for building a home’s envelope work better, so you have fewer concerns. 

Energy Efficiency

Brand-new homes are also built to be more energy-efficient. They’ll use appliances with higher efficiency ratings. Builders also use design techniques that reduce energy use, such as efficient heating and cooling systems, installing low-flow shower heads and toilets, and using windows that keep the home sealed tightly. Some builders may offer even more options, such as solar panels (at a cost). This means that living in a new home canreduce your energy bills, but these are also healthier choices for the environment. You can live comfortably in your home without worrying as much about your global footprint.

Why Are New Builds Considered Healthy Homes Exterior ImageProtection from Water

In addition to the ways the building’s envelope prevents moisture from entering the home, a brand-new home will be built with other techniques that can protect the home. For instance, the land around the home will be designed to slope away from the home so that rainwater will drain away from the home’s foundation. Gutters will also be properly installed to direct water away from the home. These techniques are absolutely necessary for preventing damage to the home. Mould growth can be an especially big problem in older homes, and homeowners don’t always realize there’s a problem until they start feeling sick. 

Better Mental Health

Surprisingly, the concept of a healthy home doesn’t apply solely to a family’s physical health. Modern homes can also be good for mental health as well. For instance, most feature large picture windows that let natural light into the home. This sunlight can help you feel cheerful even during the winter months. Today’s floor plans also tend to feature a master suite that can help parents feel like they have a small oasis of calm in their lives. Couple these little things with the fact that you’re able to choose floor plan features that work perfectly for your family, and you have a recipe for success. 

Creating Better Relationships

Most modern floor plans have open concept spaces that allows the family to be together even when they’re working on different activities. Dad can be finishing up the dishes, mom can be helping one child with their homework, and the toddler can be playing with toys on the living room floor. You’re all connected.

New home developments also tend to have more of the amenities that families are looking for. For instance, most have things like walking trails, parks, and playgrounds. This makes it easier to get to know your neighbours and feel like you’re part of the larger community.

Everyone wants to live the healthiest life possible, and it’s easy to do that when you choose to build a new home. With better materials, modern building techniques, and the ability to design your home based on your needs, you’ll be able to have a home that takes care of your physical and mental health. Stop by our show homes to really see what makes brand-new homes so special.

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