Home Maintenance & Warranty Guide

Last updated April 14, 2020

Exterior: Driveway, Sidewalk and Garage Floor


Exterior concrete is warranted against defective workmanship and materials for 1 year. Cracking, pitting and spalling are common in our environment and is not normally a warrantable defect.

Do not salt or pressure wash exterior concrete, including sidewalks and driveways. This will cause pitting and spalling.

Concrete Cracks

It is normal for concrete flatwork to crack, and in most cases, this is not warrantable. Concrete will shrink as it cures (dries), causing stress to the slab that is released by separation, or cracking.

Expansion in warm weather and contraction in the winter months, ground settlement and the effects of ground frost are other causes for concrete to crack.

concrete crack
concrete crack

Garage Floor

The garage floor is not a structural slab. It sits atop the center beam and is reinforced with steel rebar that is doweled in to the grade beam. This minimizes the effects of settlement and heaving. However, curing, frost, and expansion and contraction during changes in weather can still cause cracking and settlement. Broadview Homes does not offer warranty on the effects of settlement or curing.

Water can pool on the garage floor if settlement occurs beneath the floor. This can contribute to pitting and spalling because standing water may contain salts, chemicals and mechanical fluids   from cars, snow blowers and lawn mowers. Immediately remove any standing water to avoid damage or deterioration of concrete.

Powdering or Efflorescence of Concrete

Powdering or chalking on concrete surfaces is called efflorescence and is caused by soluble salts in the concrete that are brought to the surface as the moisture within the concrete evaporates. This will most commonly occur as the concrete cures, or if there are cracks in the concrete where water can pool. Though cosmetically unpleasing, this issue has no effect on the strength or structure of the concrete and is not within the builder’s control.

Spalling (concrete surface chips)

Spalling, or chipping/flaking of exterior concrete surfaces, is most often caused by salts, chemicals (vehicle leaks, etc.) or pressure washing and is not covered by Broadview warranty. To remove ice use a product that will not harm the concrete surface, such as sand.

Temporary or Gravel Driveways

Temporary, or gravel, driveways can become inaccessible in the spring and you may need to park on the street for a short period. Broadview Homes will ensure that you have a clear and safe path to your home from the street, but we will not deliver additional gravel or fill. Frost that is continuously escaping from below the driveway is pushing mud to the surface and extra fill cannot stop this, it will only prolong the thawing process.

If you require a temporary path from the street to your home, please email seasonal work at seasonalwork@qualico.com.


gravel driveway


Voids and Settlement

Ground settlement around and underneath sidewalks and driveways is common for several years after construction. As the earth around your home compacts, it may form depressions, especially around filled areas like the foundation and underneath the front sidewalk where utility trenches are dug. These depressions must be filled to the original grade level so that water will not collect there and cause damage. Voids caused by settlement are not within the builder’s control and are homeowner responsibility to maintain.

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