Home Maintenance & Warranty Guide

Last updated April 14, 2020

Interior Finishes


Ceramic Tile and Grout

Ceramic tile is warranted by Broadview Homes for 1 year.

Grout commonly cracks because of normal building material shrinkage and is homeowner responsibility to maintain. Broadview Homes will repair grouting once at year-end, but is not responsible for color variations, product discontinuation, or damages resulting from water penetration prior to the repair.


Ceramic Tile and Grout Care and Maintenance

  • Wipe ceramic tile dry after each use of the tub or shower to avoid mold build-up.
  • Repair caulking around your tub as part of your regular maintenance. Over time it breaks down, making it possible for water to penetrate the walls.
  • Grout will shrink and crack over time and will periodically need to be repaired or replaced.
  • It is recommended to apply grout sealer to extend the life of the installation.





Tight fitting or warped interior doors are usually the result of high humidity. Doors should correct themselves once humidity levels return to normal. If they do not, Broadview Homes will adjust or plane the door as needed for the first year.



image145Drywall will move in response to ground settlement and to the shrinkage (drying) of new building materials causing drywall nails to pop and cracks to appear in the areas most affected. This is a normal process, and is not the result of defective materials or labor.

Truss uplift is another result of shrinkage, or drying. As the wood truss cures, it can lift, pulling the ceiling drywall away from the wall. This is also normal and is not the result of defective materials or labor. In most cases, trusses will move back with warmer weather and the truss uplift gap will close on its own.

As a courtesy Broadview Homes will repair drywall once at the end of the first year, provided that you submit a written request. Painting after drywall repairs is homeowner responsibility.


Gaps at Walls, Casings and Baseboards

Fluctuations in external temperatures can cause the exterior walls to contract and expand, causing the wall to pull away from fixtures such as cabinets, backsplash and countertops. This is normal and caulking gaps is only warranted for the first year. Walls should eventually move back and fill the gap on their own.

Cold weather and humidity levels will cause building materials to contract and expand, resulting in gaps at casing joints and between casings and flat surfaces like baseboards. Joints in window and door casings can be caulked, or filled and repainted. Baseboard gaps and gaps between other casings and flat surfaces should correct themselves with the return of warmer weather.

Broadview Homes will re-caulk casing and baseboard gaps once at year-end as needed. Your responsibility is to re-paint casing joints if necessary.


Interior Paint

Interior paint is not covered by Broadview warranty, however, we do provide a small paint kit. For paint code/color information you can refer to your paint kit, your contract’s paint color chart, or contact Broadview Warranty.

Never wash new paint. New paint should have at least six to eight months to cure before washing. However, if you have to, be very careful; use a soft cloth, never use an abrasive powder or soap and do not scrub.


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