Home Maintenance & Warranty Guide

Last updated April 14, 2020

Exterior: Yard and Drainage


Maintaining landscaping, lot grades and ground settlement is a part of regular homeowner maintenance and is not covered by Broadview warranty.

Call, or Click, Before You Dig

If you are planning to dig a fence, pool, tree, etc., contact MB Hydro for the location of any buried cables:

1-800-940-3447; or

Duplex homes have a 240v electrical cable buried behind the building that can only be located by a private utility locating service. We recommend using Accurate Underground. Accurate Underground is not affiliated with Broadview Homes, and this service is not covered by Broadview warranty.

Accurate Underground
204-330-7538; or

Ground Drainage

Maintaining the original grade around the home is an important part of regular homeowner maintenance. Ground settlement and weather can alter grades and lead to standing water that can damage the foundation. To maintain positive drainage the earth must slope away from the foundation, and the side yard swales must carry water to the front or back of the lot. Always ensure that your sump hose is connected in spring and summer and is discharging away from the foundation. Disconnect the hose in fall and place a splash pad beneath the sump discharge to prevent soil erosion.

Ground Settlement

Ground settlement around and underneath the foundation, walks and driveway is common for several years after construction. As the earth around your home compacts, it may form depressions, especially around filled areas like the foundation and underneath the front sidewalk where utility trenches are dug. These depressions must be filled to the original grade level so that water will not collect there and cause damage. Voids caused by settlement are not within the builder’s control and are homeowner responsibility to maintain.

settling ground


Landscaping as required by your community land developer is the homeowner’s responsibility to complete within the first year.

Landscaping materials approved by the developer include sod, bark/mulch, and rock between 3/4" and 1 1/2" (with restrictions). Seeded grass is not accepted. Landscaping guidelines are set by the land developer and are not at the discretion of Broadview Homes.

In most cases, Broadview Homes does not warrant landscaping provided by the builder because it is too susceptible to damage and neglect.

Lot Grades

Lot grades are determined by the landscape engineer for your community and should not be altered. Each lot grade is designed specific to its location in a community and altering it could cause surface drainage issues and water damage to yours, or neighboring homes.

For more information, see the Completing the Exterior Work section of this manual.

Sump Pump

Please refer to the Sump Pump and Sump Pump Pit section of this manual.

Water Boxes or Curb Stops

Water boxes, or curb stops, are the access to your home’s main water shut off and must be accessible at all times. If there is a water emergency and the City cannot locate the water box, they will not be able to shut off the water to your home. If a water box is covered by the homeowner (i.e. with landscaping) and requires locating, the cost to locate and unearth is deducted from the homeowner’s landscaping deposit.

water box
water box in lawn


Window Wells

Window wells are required when finished landscaping is too close to, or above, a ground level window. Most window wells have a dedicated weeping tile, and should be based with landscape rock to encourage water to drain from them as quickly as possible. To prevent the window wells from flooding, keep them free of mud and debris, and clear snow out in the spring to prevent water ingress at the window as it melts. This is a part of regular homeowner maintenance and Broadview Homes does not warrant resulting damage.


window well

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